Make flying effect in your photos using Levitagram for Windows Phone

Today a new app showed up in my Store app. The app is Levitagram and it is used to make your image flying effect. I have done the same in GIMP (Photoshop like tool) where it took at-least a hour. Using this app you can do the task faster. This app can also be used to remove watermarks.

App download link -

This app is also available for iPhone. You no need to learn any instructions, once you select the photo for levitation effect it advances you to further steps. This app also have given some tips to take clean photo. Self-time option is there so that you can take stable selfie photos. You can share the fun to any social network just by a tap. If you are able to take stable photo you can make good levitation effect photo. It is recommended to use tripod to get stable photo. To make levitation effect you need to take two photos and you should not change the position for two photos.

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