Lock screen app for Window Phone by Microsoft - Live Lock Screen BETA

Microsoft came up with new lock screen app for Windows Phone users.

App name - Live Lock Screen BETA
Size - 4 MB
Minimum RAM required - 512 MB (Runs smoother in 1 GB)
Internet connection – Not required
Compatible - Only with Windows Phone 8.1

This App is still beta so there may be a few bugs. Microsoft said that it would require 1 GB of RAM. But it can be used on Phones with 512 MB of RAM.


This new lock screen app has six different theme. By default date, time and notification will be there in all themes. The position and style of date, time and notification changes in all the themes. 

Notification from social networking such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Microsoft Exchange can be viewed from the home screen.

This app slows down the performance in Lumia phone with 512 MB RAM. In 1 GB RAM Lumia phone this app work smoothly. If you have installed more app in your phone then obviously the your phone performance become slow.

Since the size of app is just 4 MB there won't be much RAM usage by this app. It is in beta version but it is good enough. I am sure with latest updates speed of this app gets improve. 

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