How to take burst shot in Lumia 520 - Windows Phone

Brush shot feature is not available for Nokia Lumia 520. I tried this app named Blink which is good to take brust shot. Let see more about this app.

Blink download size - 3 MB
Runs in - Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Phone 8
Price - Free
Link to download -

What this app can do

The primary feature of this app is to take burst photograph. It takes the photos while pressing shutter button and stops when you release it. It takes continuous photos while you are pressing shutter button. 

Blink app has face detection technology and so you face will be captured clearly. Image stabilization is good which helps you to take clear image. The chances of blur images are less due to its image stabilization technology. 

It has two modes: Blink mode and Still mode. With Blink mode you can edit the photos you took and with still mode you can capture the photo.
It can also take animated photos. It looks like flash post that you see in Google +. Animation photo is similar to the Cinmematograph app in Lumia handsets. 

Live tile has been included in this app and so the shortcut of this app look great. The Live tile of Blink will display the recently took photos. 

There is separate gallery for Blink. All the photos you caputured using Blink gets stored in My Blinks (Gallery). 

Now tutorial has been added to those who are not clear with the working. You can always refer the tutorial if you feel something as a pain area. Tutorial guides you to do all the stuff available in this app. 

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