How to run iOS app in Android phone?

Cider is a new app using it you can install and run iOS app in Android. It is a upcoming app currently under development. The motto of this app is to break the operating system barrier. Developers claim that using their app users  can access whole Apple store and install their apps. This app has some issues like iOS apps are running a bit slower on Android phones. There are issues in performance. They also found that this app conflicts with Bluetooth and GPS which make them not to work. Cider developers reported that it is a prototype and there is no plans to make it public.

So the catch here is iOS apps can be installed and run in Android phone. Sooner or later some developers will develop iOS apps for Android.

This reminds me using Wine application in Linux to run Windows software. Using Wine application you will able to run some of the Windows software in Linux. Because of some copyright Wine is not able to support all Windows software.

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