How to retrieve files stored in old hard disk and floppy disk

Old computers were replaced when Windows came into existence. Before Windows, products from Appple like Apple I, Apple IIe were popular. There may be few users with Apple disks in their attic. You might wonder is it possible to know the content on those disks.

These days we mostly use memory sticks and optical drive. So it is very hard to retrieve the contents of the past. Only if you have old working Apple computers you can retrieve the content.

Most of them won't have the old Apple computer. Luckily, there are services which help you to get the content from the Apple disk. They charge you a little fee for their service. This service is provided by
RetroFloppy, a online service.

This is how it works- First you need to send the physical disk to RetroFloppy. They will retrieve the data from the disk and send it through email. You can get back your floppy from them. You might be looking for a word or some files with old formats. There were so many formats for a simple text file. They need a lot of tool to get the contents from old text files.

The charges depends on the number of disk you send. There is discount for more disk you send. They currently support disks came from Mac, PC, Commodore, Apple II, Kaypro and CPM.

They charge you $7 for one 5.25 or 3.5 inch disk and $19.95 for one 8 inch disk and $40 for old hard drive. If you have many disks, say 20 then you would qualify for a discount.

You can send the physical disks through mail once you agree upon a price. You can make payment via PayPal or send in a check. For more details visit

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