How to remove permissions?: Android app

APK Permission Remover is an application that allows you to modify APK or applications already installed on your Android phone, to remove their rights. Indeed, there are many Android applications that require the installation much more rights than they really need.

An app can have permissions like right to make calls, right to create accounts on your phone, right change settings silently, ability to read your text messages or access the list of your contacts etc.

APK with Permission Remover and not root, you can read about the list of permissions for and remove the application of your choice. Nothing complicated, and in the end, all you need to uninstall the original application and then install the new modified to have a clean app APK. However, beware of bugs. For example, I deleted a lot of rights to the Facebook application and in the end it did not want to start. Well, okay, but you have to go by trial and error.

APK Permission Remover is available in free version and paid version. The difference is that the pro version even frees entire components in the APK. Sometimes it's more effective.

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