How BlackBerry Z3 is superior to Android in its price range?

BlackBerry Z3 is launched and available for sale. It is clear that this mobile has got mixed reviews. As usual users compared the Z2 with Android phone in its price range and they might have seen Android phone got bulky hardware. I appreciate Android phone hardware offers but here are some facts that makes BlackBerry superior.


Android phone in Rs.15,000 has great quality but BlackBerry is premium. BlackBerry Z3 look more stylish than any other phone in this price range. It has LED notification in its front panel whereas Android phone priced above Rs.30K have this feature. It may be a small thing but it make a lot of difference when you see others having a phone with LED notification. 

BlackBerry Z3 doesn't have any physical or soft keys. The OS is very different and you can do all the things using touch. It means you are going to make use of full 5 inch display for navigation instead of 3 small soft keys. It may be little harder for first time user, once you get to know how it works then it is lot easier than Android. 

Messaging made easy

BlackBerry Z3's keyboard has been tweaked and it offers suggestions in very useful way. The keyboard is really awesome and you no need to type letter by letter to get accurate suggestions. For example: If you type the letter H first then it shows 'Hi' above the letter I, 'He' above the letter E. The suggestions are placed above the next possible letter. In Android it shows suggestions but it shows all the possible and it takes time to select the one you want. 

Texting now became the basic need of smartphone. Things are made easier in BlackBerry Z3 in this area increase you user experience. 

Get all message in single place

BlackBerry Z3 has an inbuilt app, BlackBerry Hub. In this place you will get all the social network, messages and email updates. You no need to launch separately for each app. So you get you office email, personal email, WhatsApp chat, SMS all in one place. It is really convenient and increases your productivity.In Android you will get only the latest notification and to review it again you need to launch the app. In BlackBerry Z3 you get notification and if you want to review it again then you can check BlackBerry Hub. 

This feature is very useful for those who maintain several accounts and get many messages. It also has filter option which shows you only the important message from all accounts (email, social network and SMS) depending on your activity. 

You can reply to any messages just from the option available in the HUB. 

Other facts

I would like to add it is very fast and responsive. It is able to multi-task 4 apps at a time with great speed. The OS itself is well designed and with simple swipe movements you can access all the apps. Most of the apps will be related to communication and they all gets equipped under BlackBerry Hub. You don't have to go home every time and swipe four to five times to search and launch app as you do in Android phone. They optimized the OS to run in the given hardware and so don't confuse yourself by comparing BB Z3 hardware with Android hardware. If you are able to afford the price then you will surely enjoy this phone. 

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