Hitman Blood Money run in Core i3, 2GB RAM and needs no graphics card

I love to play third person shooter games. Hitman Blood Money is one such game. It is stealth action genre. I bought this game from Flipkart and I was excited once it started in my laptop. I thought Hitman Blood Money won't be compatible since my laptop has minimum configuration in this generation. My configuration are as follows

Processor - Intel Core i3 (2nd Generation)

Chipset - Mobile HM77 Express
Clock speed - 2.2 GHz

It is literally a low end configuration in this generation. My laptop doesn't have graphics card.

I am posting this because I tried installing this game in my Pentium 4 desktop. It got installed  and I am not able to launch it. I know this is tad late posting about this game. But still it is one of the bestseller game and you can buy it from online store.

Hitman Blood Money game review

Maybe it was an old game but still it has good graphics more than I expected. It has many missions as you had in old Hitman games. There will be a short briefing and after that you can access weapon inventory and start the mission. The new version has adopted story version where one man will be describing about Agent 47 (Hero) to other and we will be playing the story. It just like a man describing about a skills of an underworld Don.

The story boost you to play furiously. In this game you need to complete a mission in single shot. If not the mission will start from first. Saves are allowed but they are temporary. 


This game is very easy if you plan well. First check the map and locate the enemy. Then plan your way. Upgrade Silverballer gun and carry only this gun with you. You don't carry other weapons because you can't hide them. First upgrade in Silverballer gun is silent mode, so even if you kill your enemy other enemies won't get alert.

Look for the tension meter. If tension meter gets red then kill any enemy and use their clothes. Drag the killed enemy to a hidden place. 

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