Asus Zenfone 5 VS Motorola G - specification comparison

Asus now came up with new series 'Zenfone'. Among the series, Zenfone 5 targets 10,000 rupee price cap. Currently the only bestbAndroid phone in 10K category is Moto G. But this new phone from Asus seems to
be a threat to Moto G.

Price of Asus Zenfone 5 – Rs.9,999
Launch date – July 2014
SIM – Dual SIM
Display – 5 inch

Moto G’s current price is 12K, which is costlier than Zenfone. If you look at the Zenfone 5 specs you may think Moto G is nowhere near to this phone.

Hardware Specs

Big display

The Zenfone 5 has 5-inch IPS display which is larger than the Moto G’s 4.5 inch display. The new phone has a facility for readers called reading mode. Obviously 5-inch display phone will be cool for reading books. This reading mode will enhance you experience while reading in this phone.

More RAM

Zenfone 5 comes with 2GB RAM, yes you are reading correctly. It has Intel’s Atom processor and the clock speed is 1.2 GHz. Whereas Moto G has 1GB RAM, quad core Snapdragon processor with same clock speed.

The image shows the scores of AndEBench CPU benchmark. It uses Intel processor mode Z2580 and it scored higher than Qualcomm, Mediatek and old Intel Atom version.

More camera MP

Zenfone has 8MP camera which can take good photos even in low light using Pixelmaster technology. Moto G had 5MP camera with standalone camera app. However the image quality of Zenfone is superior when compared to Moto G. With Zenfone’s camera you have provision to record 1080p videos which
is maximum HD video a phone can capture. This facility is not available in Moto G and it is limited to 720p. There are cameras that record 4K resolution video but for a budget phone 1080 is the max.

Has expandable storage

In addition to the internal storage of 8GB, Zenfone has expandable storage that supports upto 64GB. Moto G doesn’t have expandable slot with it. However it has same internal storage of 8GB.

More slimmer

Zenfone is looks slimmer than Moto G. It has grippy concentric circle design on its front and matte finish on its back panel. Both phone weighs almost same but Zenfone looks slimmer when viewed through our bare

Image Source - Asus official site

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