AMD's new processor with 12 cores competes Intel Core i7

AMD has come up with a new product Kaveri (mobile version) APU. They already had a desktop version Kaveri APU. They showcased the mobile versoin in Comptex Taiwan 2014. Now they claim that Kaveri mobile version can compete Intel's Core i7 processor.

This mobile processor shares the same architecture of its desktop version. This chip holds both CPU and GPU in it and it is the first time to have both. It features Radeon R7 series graphics card. AMD plans to use this chipset in mobile and tablet platform.

This chipset is designed in such a way that some computing task can be handled by GPU instead of CPU as it happens in traditional chip-sets. Transferring the tasks to GPU will improve the overall efficiency of the chipset.

The AMD Kaveri has 12 cores - 4 cores for CPU and 8 cores for GPU. It is designed to support 4K resolution video output. Since the number of cores is more it is expected to give good batter backup for 9.3 hours.

The company planned to launch nine version of Kaveri chips. Three versions from A-Series, three from ULP and three from Pro SKU. The Prox SKU versions will target commercial applications. As usual AMD compared their chipset with Intel Core i7 and proved theirs is 50% faster in graphics processing. However it seems to be less energy efficient than Intel Core i7. AMD has already tied up with popular OEMs like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Samsung and Toshiba.

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