Learn Swift programming language

Apple introduced Swift programming language at WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference). They claim that it is a secure programming language based on objective C. So to develop apps for Apple products you need to learn this programming language. Tutorials for Swift programming language were provided by Apple in a 500 page manual for free. You can download this 500 page manual that contains Swift tutorial in iBook store.

Download Swift programming language book

To read this book you need  have any Mac or iOS device.

Features of Swift programming language:

  1. The improvements were made in performance. They claim that this language is as easy as JavaScript. Yet it will be faster as C++.
  2. Security has been enhanced and which is the main motto of introducing this language to the world.
  3. This language can understand common human errors. If you take C language, you need to terminate every piece of code with a semicolon(;). This is not the case in Swift programming language. 
  4. Swift has all the feature of objective C yet it is made simple. 
  5. Benchmark results showed that this compiling duration is faster than Python and equal as objective C.
  6. It seems this language can be learned easily but it takes time for objective C developers to migrate. 
  7. Memory management is same as objective C and so you no need to worry about it.
  8. Apple came up with an update to the Xcode IDE. With this update you can see the output once the code is written. For example if you write println("Hello World), this ouput will be shown at once. 

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