Nokia to launch Dual-SIM Windows 8 phone

Windows Dual-SIM - It is reported that Nokia is about to develop dual-sim Windows 8.1 phone. This information was leaked by evleaks. It informs that the new Nokia dual-sim mobile will be equipped with Windows 8.1 and the mobile phone is coded as Moneypenny.

Moneypenny is the name of the character in the hollywood movie James Bond. She is James Bond's female boss who will be called as 'M' in the movie.

According to eveleaks, Nokia is also going to launch another flagship mobile currently coded as Goldfinger. In this flagship mobile 3D touch has been introduced which means you no need to touch the screen physically. All the navigation can be done just by gesture actions. Goldfinger is also the name of character in James Bond movie. He is the big villan in that movie.

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