How to downgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 8 without losing data?

The only way to downgrade is fresh installation of Windows 8 operating system. Unfortunately there is no way to downgrade to Windows 8 from Windows 8.1 without losing your data. It is not possible to recover third-party application like TurboTax, Qicken, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Office etc installed in Windows 8.1. So if you prefer to migrate to Windows 8 check the following factors.

1. Check if you have product key and installation disc of all third-party application installed in Windows 8.1.
2. Back up all your files, data and documents in external hard drive or memory stick.
3. Back up all your emails and note down the password.

If you don't have installation disc and product key for your third-party application better stay on Windows 8.1. If the software is not incompatible contact respective tech support.

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