Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet on sale price of U.S. $ 500

Source Engadget
Dell Venue 11 Pro - Among the many concerns and rumors, Dell's latest Venue 11 Pro tablet has finally started selling in the United States. It is 10.8 inches Windows 8 Tablet PC considered as a rival to Surface Pro. Having look at hardware configuration, it is equipped with Intel's Bay Trail 1.5GHz Atom processor, 2GB RAM and 64GB storage capacities, priced at $ 500 (about 30,000 Rupee). For those who need a more robust operational purpose, they can also choose to carry Core i3 and i5 processor version, priced at $ 800 (about 48,000 Rupee) and $ 850 (about 51,000 Rupee). Despite sources claimed Dell will launch LTE version of the Venue 11 Pro Tablet PC, but the official website showcased WiFi version alone.

In addition, if you are interested in Venue 11 Pro, please be patient. Because, according to Dell's website this tablet will be available for sale on December 5.

Reference - Engadget.Com

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