Global Wi-Fi passwords under Google's eye

According to U.S. media reports, the world's number one mobile operating system Android has Wi-Fi passwords backup function, if Android device connected to a Wi-Fi network, then the device can remember the login password. So the login creditails can be viewed by Google. It will be stored as file at Mountain View where Google headquaters is located.

The latest report shows that, global shipments of Android phones reached 187 million in the second quarter of this year, while the estimated annual shipments is as high as 748 million, and this figure does not even include the huge Android system Tablet PC products.

Many users using these Android phone or tablet will back up Android password and various other settings. Although Google has never directly said that it can read these Android device's Wi-Fi password.

From the Android 2.2 version, according to the default settings, Android devices can leak Wi-Fi passwords. Since this function is considered to be a good thing, most users do not change this setting. U.S. security expert Michael Horowitz said he doubted many Android users have never even seen this feature controls the configuration options. After all, it involves numerous system settings.

The Backup option is available in every Android device. Lets say Samsung, there will be option called "Back up my data”. While you chose this option your Wi-Fi password will be stored under Googles eye. We think the backup option means it just stores the copy of our data. But no one knows that it includes the password too.

One can feel that its nothing shocking. Suppose if you establish wi-fi connection in an organisation then their password is leaked. Think if you rent a premium hotel and establish a wi-fi connection, their password is leaked. So it is good to change your password after your backup is done.

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