Sony launches Firefox OS mobile in India

Sony planned to launch Firefox OS mobile in India. Sony Xperia E is a dual SIM Android mobile currently available in market, it will be dubbed to Firefox OS and available to the user in future. By this act Sony can launch this Firefox installed Xperia E for low price. They don’t have to work on hardware, all they need to do is just install Firefox OS in Xperia E. It saves them lot of production time and capital. There won’t be any price difference from the Android version since it uses the same hardware. Both Android and Firefox is an open source OS available for free and replacing with Firefox OS won’t affect the price. Release date of Sony Xperia E Firefox version is still not exposed but I expect it may take several months.

Firefox OS mobile reception in other countries
India is not the first country to have Firefox OS mobile. It already reached the hands of Poland, Venezuela, Spain, Colombia and Brazil consumers. There it was priced about $95 (Rs.5000 approx in India). ZTE Open and Alcatel One Touch were the Firefox mobile launched in above mentioned countries. Sony has not yet started their Firefox project. Consumer those who used Firefox mobile stated that the OS is light and it can perform well even in light specification. Firefox OS don’t need a robust hardware, it can even perform well using 256 MB RAM. It supports HTML 5 based apps and its easy to develop a HTML 5 based application. So soon there will be tons of app available for Firefox OS.

I don’t know whether Firefox OS will occupy in the hearts of Indians. They are thickly confined to Android OS. I guess Firefox mobile phone will be a competition to Android mobile released under Rs.5K.  Indians are already satisfied with the Android smartphone what they have and so there won’t be need of a new OS. It take lot of time for Mozilla to persuade their handset to India.

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