Lava Iris 504Q VS Videocon A55HD - Pros and Cons

Lava Iris 504Q and Videocon A55HD are value for money smartphone available at the price tag Rs.13,499. These handsets run Android Jelly Bean OS, boasts 5-inch HD capacitive touch screen, equipped with MediaTek processor, sport 1GB of RAM and 8MP camera. Though this two have same specs, read to get the slight difference which I feeled while using these phones.

Lava Iris 504Q

It is slimmer than Videocon A55 with just 8mm thick. It has got air guesture feature which means you can browse files just by moving your hand few distance above the screen in air. This feature is not so useful and its just to attract consumer attention towards this handset. I am trying to convey just don’t get attracted towards this feature, also its not a bad handset.

1.       Lava Iris 504Q has fantastic build quality. Its panel provides grip towards slip and doesn’t attract fingerprints and dust. The phone has curved edges and easy to hold in your hand.
2.       Display makes this mobile first choice over A55HD. Display is capable of delivering vibrant color, watching videos and picture is good in this mobile.
3.       Touch sensitivity is great, I tested it by playing “Subway Surfers”.
4.       Performance is better than other Andoird handset in this price range. I have used Micromax Canvas HD (Rs.13,990), it lags during multitasking but Iris 504Q performed well even during multitasking.

1.       Camera disappoints in low light area. It performs well during day light. So let me conclude, the overall performance is average.
2.       The phone’s battery is capable to withstand for 12 hours with average usage of 3G network, browsing web, playing games and phone calls.
3.       I found an issue in GPS performance. It frequently disconnects from GPS satellite and miss continuvity.

Videocon A55HD

It is the Videocon flagship mobile. It pack the same specs lf Lava Iris 505Q. When compared to Iris, it performance seems to be little backward. Read the below pros and cons of Videocon A55HD which make your clear cut details about this mobile.

1.       This quad-core phone is capable to handle any kind of apps. You don’t need to doubt about its processor speed.
2.       The Videocon machine is made of shiny palstic and slightly heavier than Iris. The design is exactly as meek as HTC Butterfly. So this mobile is packed with fantastic design.
3.       Battery performance is greater than Iris. It can withstand for more than 14+ hours.

1.       Software is little buggy in this mobile. I found bugs even in simple options. For example, I couldn’t sync the phone with Google contacts which is not happened in any of the Android mobile I used.
2.       There is some error in display. It cannot display white as well as balck color exactly.
3.       Camera is not as good as Iris. I don’t know where the problem presist, is it with display or camera?, it is the question that is topping in my mind.


Both mobiles offers some feature that is different from the other. It is capable to deliver clean voice clarity but not as good as premium phones like the HTC One and the iPhone 5. If you are looking for handset with great music player then no doubt go for Irish 504Q, it can even give you superb browsing experience, awesome screen clarity and multitasking. Pick Videocon A55HD only if Iris 504Q is not available in retail stores near you.

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