How Micromax mobile are cheap in price

Actually there is lot of myth about Micromax mobile for its cheaper price. Processor is the factor that reduces price. All the cheap Android smartphone use MediaTek processor. It is not that MediaTek manufactures poor processor. They sell their processor for cheap price and is only available in Asian countries (China, India especially). Specification indicates only few information like clock speed. If you do a deep research of processor you can differentiate it. We all think that processor with higher clock speed can perform well, it is partially correct. So processor is the first main factor that reduces cost. Next thing is design. Companies like Micromax, Lava etc won't show much importance to design. They simply use cheap materials like recycled metals / plastics and cheap paints. If Micromax try to use snapdragon processor in their mobile they can't sell their mobile at cheap price. You can oppose me that Karbonn has used Snapdragon processor in the Titanium series yet they have released for low price. The fact is there are several versions in Snapdragon and Karbonn has used cheapest of all, its just for marketting. Snapdragon Pro is the best model when compared to all version and Karbonn used some other cheap version. So it is clear that companies are hiding lots of information. We can't judge only by its price. So you are always going to get the product that you pay for.

I predict this mobile phones will have poor life-time. But no one prefers to have a mobile for a year. In this case we can hail MediaTek processor and brands like MMX, Lava etc.

I found this detail when I done a research (wasting time) about best mobile processor. The results were Intel, Nvidia, Qualcomm etc. Google products like Nexus 7 use Nvidia processor.

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