Google Glass doesn't has SIM card in its specs

Google Glass SIM card - It seems Google Glass has reveled the specification officially. The frame of the glass is designed in the way that it fits any face. It has adjustable nosepads and thick frame. If you are not comfortable with the nosepads then you have two extra nosepads in different size. The display you see through Google glass will be 25-inch and will be eight feet away from you.

Price - Less than $1500, Rs.75,000 approx Indian Rupee
Launch date - End of April for countries like US, Canada, UK. Launch for India is not announced.

Google Glass has 5 MP camera and is capable to capture 720p videos. Connectivity sports  Wifi - 802.11b/g and Bluetooth. There were several discussions about missing of Wi-Fi 802.11 n feature. There may be no room to place the antenna and it may be the reason that Google Glass miss n feature. It has in-built 16GB flash storage, 12 GB is available for user.

This device is capable to deliver battery backup for one day. Google Glass is operated fully by voice commands. For example, to open Google Chrome browser you need to say the work 'INTERNET' then it will give you the browser list, spell the browser name to open the browser.

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