Beach Buggy Blitz Android game

Beach Buggy Blitz - This is a cartoon car game. In this game you should drive the car and collect coins. There will be a time limit for this game, every time you a reach the check point you will be provided with extra time. Controls used in this game are right, left and brake.

  • Time required  to complete the game - It is a free-roaming game. There is no new tracks, you can only buy and upgrade cars.
  • Can I download - Yes, Surely you should try this game.
  • Total levels - No levels
  • Game size - 46 MB
  • Similar to - Hill Climb Racing. Here fuel is limited and in Beach Buggy Blitz time is limited.
  • Minimum configuration needed - 512 MB RAM and 1.0GHz processor is enough to run this game smoothly.
  • Difficult levels - Nil

My game completion status
In Beach Buggy Blitz, I unlocked all the cars and upgraded Beach Buggy car fully. And few upgrades in other cars. In powerups, I have done 3 upgrades for all. After this I got bored playing this game. I played this game almost for a month.

Tips and tricks
Spend your money fully for purchasing powerups. Don't waste your money for purchasing cars. Upgrade only one car which you like. Try using Beach Buggy car for the whole game. I feel this car is better than other all. Below is weakness and strength of all cars.

Beach Buggy - For balanced use
Dune Jumper - Easy to collect coins but if you hit any objects then it will take time to resume.
Lightning - Hard to turn
Rally Pro - Handling is good but car is too small and can't collect coins.
Rock Stomper - Goes smoothly even if you hit trees and huts. Easy to collect coins but moves slowly.
Lambini - Very fast and hard to control on bridge.
Grim Rod - Often drifts.

Game download link

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