Micromax Funbook Alpha vs Funbook Pro differences

Micromax Funbook Alpha vs Funbook Pro:  This September 2012 Funbook Alpha Tablet PC were out. Not all the customers were satisfied with Funbook series. This Funbook made a image that they are releasing versions like iPad 1, iPad 2 and iPad 3. However Apple made huge difference and new innovations in all new iPad's. Funbook failed to give new things in their new version. Funbook main impression is the budget tablet. For the past two months about 10 budget tablets were releasing each month. Now interest for Funbook tablets is degrading. This new version made me eager to know what it has new from Funbook Pro. Below is the difference between Funbook Alpha and Pro.

Funbook Alpha vs Funbook Pro Comparison:

Funbook Alpha
Funbook Pro
Wi – Fi
802.11 b/g/n standards
Only 802.11 b/g standards
Internal Storage
Not available
Screen Size
7 inch
10.1 inch
800*400 px
1024*600 px
0.3 MP
2800 mAh
5600 mAh

Funbook Alpha vs Funbook Pro review:
I have read review of both Funbook Alpha and Pro. There they stated internet through dongle works fine in Alpha but not in Pro. So I think Micromax has worked for internet connectivity in Funbook Alpha. Both the tablet have poor battery life upto 1.30 hr. Every Funbook users faced the same problem in battery backup. The battery drains faster while playing game and browsing internet. “It takes much time to charge Funbook Pro tablet” reviewed by one user. Still there is no complaint in battery charging time consumption in Funbook Alpha.

Problems in Micromax Funbook Alpha and Pro:
Funbook Alpha
Funbook Pro
Battery Backup
Drains Faster only 1.30 hr Backup
Same complaint, Drains Faster only 1.30 hr Backup
Dongle Supports
Supports Fine for all networks
Have complaint in this feature
Battery Charging Time
Consumes much time.

These complaints were taken from several sources. I didn't used this tablet. I took only the commonly faced complaints by user from the internet.

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