Firefox OS tablet will be available in future

Firefox OS for mobile 
Firefox OS tablet: Recently I heard about Firefox OS or Geek to Boot OS will be available soon and is developed for mobile phones. Now the most familiar OS were Android, iOS, Blackberry OS and Windows. But all this OS were bored and have same feature in all OS and the disadvantage of all the OS I mentioned were costly. Firefox OS developing is on progress. They assure this OS will cost less that is around Rs.5000. So soon you can get smart phones for Rs.5000. It cost less because it is programmed with HTML 5.

So this Firefox OS for mobile phones were confirmed. I predict soon there will be Firefox tablet. First Firefox mobile phone will be launched on 2013. So in 2013 they will surely start Firefox OS tablet PC in future. If so then I will update all the Mozilla Firefox OS tablet PC in this post. Stay tuned. 

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