Nokia Asha 306 Advantage Disadvantage

Nokia Asha 306 Disadvantage: Asha 306 is a good mobile phone yet it have some disadvantages.  I used this mobile for 20days and I faced several problems in this Asha 306. The Cons were

  • First thing is it look like smartphone but its not so smart.
  • Skype cannot be installed in this mobile. This is a great drawback because every one expect this app.
  • It is given that Youtube streaming is possible in official Nokia site but I haven't seen youtube video loading in this mobile. It shows a message as - No Response Try Again.
  • Resistive touchscreen is not the problem but they tried same swipe technique to navigate. This swipe technique is only good for capacitive touchscreen.
  • Installing high memory games in this mobile makes lag.
  • All the application opens with a short delay. You can feel this problem if you have tried any Android Smartphone. If this mobile is your first touchscreen mobile than this mobile looks great to you.
  • No office application like Word. So you cannot run PPT too.
  • Doesn't support PDF files. PDF support is much important according to me. They should have done it or atleast they may have provided apps for it. 
  • Mobile looks lively but not attractive. 
  • Mobile looks like soap box. Not so stylish. 
  • They said there are 40 games for free but most of them were trial version.
  • Doesn't support .sis apps. I think this mobile look like symbain and it supports symbian apps. Symbian apps were not supporting. 
  • Map opens with much delay. It takes much time to load maps. //It works fine after loading//

Nokia Asha 306 Advantage:  This mobile has both good and bad stuffs. There may be so much disadvantages but this advantages may really going to impress you. Here I have listed out the Pros of Asha 306.

  • First thing is Battery Backup. You wont believe the battery charge stands for above 24 hours. If you use this mobile only for calls and message with less usage then it lasts for 3 days.
  • You can minimize your apps. Mobile with cost 4K wont have this facility.
  • Many essentials apps were available for free in Nokia OVI store.
  • Games were really fun. Installing small games doesn't affect the performance.  
  • Whatsapp apps is available for Asha 306.
  • You have pre-installed social networking apps and IM in this mobile.
  • All pre-installed apps works fine.
  • Music and Video player is really good supports all needed formats. Video formats supports such as AVI, MPEG 4, MWV and 3GPP. 
  • FM record option is available. You can save your favorite songs in your mobile memory. 
  • Wi-Fi connectivity works without bug. Nokia C3 mobile faced Wi-Fi bug but Asha 306 doesn't have that problem. 

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