HP V 175 W 4 GB Pen Drive review

HP V 175 W 4 GB Pen Drive: HP V 175 W is a eye attractive pen drive with storage capacity 4GB. There are also 8GB, 16GB under this model. Here I have given details only about HP V 175 W 4 GB Pen Drive below.

HP V 175 W 4 GB Pen Drive Cost – 300 Indian Rupee
Maximum Speed – 11Mb Per Second
Minimum Speed – 4Mb Per Second
Pen Drive with Cap – Yes
Pen Drive Body Type – Rubber Made
Capacity – 4GB

HP V 175 W 4 GB Pen Drive Review:
This pen drive costs Rs.300. But in online it costs above 340 Rupee. So buy this pen drive only if it costs is 300 or less than 300. This pen drive is looks very beautiful. It looks very bright like a rubber. The pen drive cap color is glassy green and bottom color is white. The pen drive size is only half of your lip or the size of the normal eraser. First thing it impressed me is its beauty. It is not plastic type instead made of full rubber. This rubber will help you to resist the pen drive without damage. I have used SANDISK pendrive made of plastic. Mostly they break easily when they fall. Also there is chance for losing your SANDISK pen drive when they fall down.  HP V 175 W is shock resistant. I tried dropping this pen drive from 1st floor. There is no damage to this pen drive since the body is made of rubber.

HP V 175 W  Pen Drive File Transfer Speed: First I tried copying songs to my HP V 175 Pen Drive. It was a 7MB song and copied within a second. Second I tried to copy a 350MB file. At starting 80MB of the file copied within a second and then the speed ranges a maximum of 11.1 Mbps and minimum of 4Mbps. The average speed is 6Mbps. I am satisfied with the speed.

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