VINCI Tab II M Specification a tablet PC for offspring

VINCI Tab II M: VINCI otherwise known as VS-1001 is featured tablet designed for the kids. It is designed carefully for the kids with age upto 10 years who can operate by themselves. Below is details about VINCI Tab II M launch in India.
Launch date - Available in US (Indians can buy only through online).
Price -  12,000 Indian rupee ($169.00 American dollar)
Specs attracted -  Designed for Kids
Rating - 7.5 out of 10
SIM card Slot - No

This is the first time in Mobile Wikipedia we are making a entry about a different tablet PC designed for kids. This Tablet got pre-loaded apps for kids such as story books and videos. Do you want to show your love to your kid then it will be a perfect gift too.

Is this tablet only for kids? No, parents can also use this tablet by enabling Parent mode. In parent mode you can use the full functionality of original tablet.

VINCI Tab II M Specification: Tab II runs Android 2.3.5 Gingerbeard OS. Yet this OS seems to old but most stable version in Android which inspired lots of mind. You have many pre-loaded apps with attractive animation for kids.

Display specs of VINCI Tab:
VINCI Tab II M screen made of Capacitive touchscreen and got multitouch facility. Screen size when measured diagonally will be 5inches with 480x800px. This tablet is designed for kids and 5inch will be suitable for kids hand.

Hardware specs VINCI Tablet:
This tablet PC is made of Cortex-A8 processor clocked at 1.2Ghz. It will available in 8GB version only and can be extended by microSD upto 32GB.

Battery performance of the tablet is expected to withstand 4 and half hour. Camera features 3MP rear camera. There is no front camera in VINCI Tab II.

Connectivity Specs of VS-1001
Wi-Fi is available and supports 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b. Hope you can access 3G using dongle.

Key Specs of VINCI Tab II M:
Operating system - Android Gingerbread
CPU - Cortex-A8
storage - 8 GB internal and 32 GB external
Wi-Fi - Yes

Pros of VINCI: A new innovation for kids. Kids will enjoy this tablet. Tablet surface made stronger  for kids usage. Adults can also use this tablet. We can't comment about display size as it is for kids.
Cons of VINC: If Kai Project is implemented tablet cost you less. Seems the cost is huge.

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