Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC Windows 8 Tablet with improvements made on hardware and software

What does Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC have ?
Interests of Tablet PC makers moved from Android to Windows 8. In our past post we have seen consistently that Windows 8 Tablet PC were released in India. Now something big revolution were made in Tablet PC they are now turned hybrid (Tablet PC + Notebook / Ultrabook). Samsung always create some
innovative products which customers expect. Among them  Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC is one such product. Samsung Hybrid PC is something which has keyboard dock feature with it. Usually Tablet PC wont have keyboard, we use touch for input. Now this was migrated to keyboard dock. 

Not the real one
Series 5 Hybrid PC have Improvements in Software specification:
The extra features that got in Series 5 Hybrid PC when compared to other tablet is the S-Pen and S-Memo software. Samsung has designed S-Pen and S-Memo software to run in Windows 8. Already this feature were available in Galaxy Note. 

Improvements made by Samsung in their Hardware specification:
Improvements in architecture were made in this hybrid PC. Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC will have x86 PC to run Windows 8 instead of Windows RT that run on ARM. Other hardware features the same as before like 11inch display, Intel Clover Trail CPU, SIM slot, microSD card slot and USB ports. 

Will Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC release in India?
Sure, Samsung has great market in India. Soon officials announce the Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC release date. But we expect that it will on our hands later November. Tablet culture was developing in cities like Chennai and Bangalore. So they concentrate there as well as cities like Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkatta. 

Samsung Series 5 Hybrid PC  cost in India is not announced yet but the approximate cost will be above 30K. The cost is more because of its OS (ie ) Windows that costs higher than Android OS.

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