Microsoft Surface for Windows RT Tablet PC its role in India

Microsoft Surface Tablet in India:
Launch date - Announced (will be available on q4 of 2012 or q1 of 2013).
Price - Above 30,000 Indian rupee expected (What do you think?)
Specs attracted -  Its Keyboard
Rating - 8 out of 10
SIM card Slot - No

Microsoft Surface Windows RT Tablet: This is latest tablet PC announced by Windows corp that attracted all the eyes towards it. It will be the perfect rival to the Apples currently running tab iPad 3 and upcoming Apple tab iPad mini. This tablet is dominated by a  ARM chipset and Windows RT as its OS. Windows RT will be shipped with two versions 32GB or 64GB. Microsoft Surface has got its Keyboard which can be used as a cover too.

Windows RT Specification: Some of the specification were not yet released. We have provided all the specification as per the word by Microsoft CEO. Soon we will update in our site. Specification of Windows RT looks great. Check down the features of Windows RT tablet PC and comment does it wins Apple iPad.

Display specs:
Windows RT display made of Capacitive touchscreen and got multitouch facility. Screen size when measured diagonally will be 10.6 inches. Thickness measured as .36 inches with weight 680 grams. Available colour in Microsoft surface's Windows RT version is Black.

Hardware specs
This tablet PC is made of Nvidia Tegra processor. As said already it has two versions while considering its storage capacity such as 64 GB, 32 GB. Hope there will be no external memory facilities.

Battery capacity is announced as 31.5 Wh looks it withstand for a long time. We didn't got any information about Camera so far.

Connectivity Specs
Wi-Fi is available and supports 802.11n, 802.11g, 802.11b. Ports for video out is available plus USB ports.

Key Specs of Microsoft Surface Windows RT Tablet:
Operating system - Windows RT
CPU - Nvidia Tegra
Internal storage - 64 GB, 32 GB
Wi-Fi - Yes

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