Asus Tablet 810 and Tablet 600 Window 8 Tablets PC looks impressive

Asus Tablet 810 and Tablet 600
Asus introduced two new tablet PC Tablet 810 and Tablet 600 to the Indian market. It is not enough to say this device as Tablet PC. It is apart from Tablet PC which is also confined with the function of notebook. Asus 810 and 600 gained the mark as first Asus tablet that runs windows 8. In India, This Tablet PC were
targeted New Delhi as first phase followed by other metro cities like Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai.

Why Tablet PC + Notebook by Asus.
Asus planned something powerful that should inspire audience. They bought the smartphone concept in Tablet PC. Mobile phones were made only for calling purpose. Later they planned to have everything in mobile. Same concept was now integrated in Tablet PC. Keyboard and USB ports were considered as the major drawback of Tablet PC. Absence of Keyboard and USB ports makes customers to confuse whether to choose Tablet PC or a Laptop. To bridge this gap Asus planned their Tablet PC 810 and 600 well. As it is the first Windows 8 Tablet PC in Asus products customers show interest to this gadget.

Specification and Features of Asus Tablet 810 and Tablet 600
Specs and features of Asus Tablet 810 and Tablet 600 were somehow same. Have a glance at the specs which both Tablet PC have.

  • Intel Medfield processor for Asus 810 and  NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor for Asus 600
  • 2 GB of RAM for both 810 and 600
  • 64 GB eMMC for Asus 810 and 32 GB eMMC  for Asus 600
  • Tablet 810 got 11.6-inch screen and Tablet 600 got 10.1-inch screen.
  • Super IPS+ panel features both tablet.
  • Resolution calculated as 1366x768 pixels.

What is Asus Tablet 810 and Tablet 600 price in India:
The cost of Asus Tablet 810 and Tablet 600 were till not announced officially. The estimated / expected cost in India will be above 15K. Soon we come up with original price details of Asus newly launched windows 8 Tablet.

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