Aakash 2 costs 2263 rupee specification launch date out

Aakash 2: Aaksah tablet PC introduced with moto to release for students with cheap cost. The first version is almost failure. Below I have provided Wiki details about Aakash 2.
Launch date - Available from August.
Price -  2263 Indian rupee
Specs attracted -  Extremely low cost
Rating - 5.5 out of 10
SIM card Slot – Yes

Aakash first version is a big failure a project made by IIT - R got bad reviews. Many complaints were made such as hanging problems, heating problems were filed. Now Aakash 2 project were in the hands of IIT – M. Now Aakash 2 have some upgraded specification like  800Mhz processor, software updated to Android ICS, Capacitive touchscreen and dual-core Cortex - A9 processor. Above all SIM card tablet feature is enabled in Aakash 2. See the full specification below.

Aakash 2 Specification: Aakash 2 specification is much better than Aakash 1. Aakash 2 runs the Android ICS which most of the tablet in the market runs. So it will have equal status in the market.

Display Specs  :
Aakash 2 display made of Capacitive touchscreen and got multitouch facility which is not available in Aakash 1. Screen size when measured diagonally will be 7 inches. Screen resoulution must be 800x480 with WVGA-Widescreen display.

Hardware specs
This CPU of tablet PC is made of 800 MHz dual core Cortex A9 processor. No GPU is present in this tablet so graphics support will be dull. Memory unit consists of 256MB RAM, 2GB flash storage.

Battery capacity is announced as 3,200 mAh looks upgraded from Aakash old. Its stated that battery will withstand for 3 hours. We still don't know does it got camera in it.

Connectivity Specs
It has got inbuilt SIM slot. But 3G cant be accessed. Instead 3G you can access GPRS in your Aakash 2. Wi-Fi is available and supports 802.11g, 802.11b.

Key Specs of Aakash 2:
Operating system – Android ICS
CPU - dual core Cortex A9 processor clocked 800 MHz
Internal storage - 2GB
Wi-Fi – Yes

Pros of  Aakash 2: Really a great tablet when compared to Aakash original. Very cheap and we expect it functions good.
Cons of Aakash 2: There are other tablet with affordable cost with very good features.

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