Dell Latitude 10 Windows tablet pc with price 15K soo launch in India

Dell Windows 8 Tablet: 
Windows a newly emerged tablet OS which has a thirst to win world dominating iPad and Android tablets. However Android tablet pc dominates the whole market, people were impressed much
with the look, feature and specification of iPad. It is job of Windows to compete this two rough OS. Nokia showed interest to produce tablet using Windows OS. Now it is leaked that Dell designed a tablet named as Dell Latitude 10 that runs windows OS. Below I have provided the specification of Dell Latitude 10 that is caught by some tablet sites.

Key specs of Dell Windows 8 tablet:

  • Windows 8 OS.
  • 10.8 inch with 1366x768 resolution. A quite big display like iPad.
  • Dual core Atom processor. Makes tablet runs with rocket speed.
  • Intel graphics hitted.
  • 2GB RAM , 128GB SSD

Sources says that this tablet comes with removable battery which withstand up to 6-8hrs.

Status: Leaked and will launch in India on later November. 
Cost: Somehow high compared to Android Tablet. Windows OS cost much than Android OS. Expected price above 15K for sure.

First launch will be at Delhi followed by Chennai and Bangalore. 

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