Nokia going to launch 41MP camera named as Nokia 808 Pureview

Nokia 808 PureView - 41MP camera mobile:
This is exciting gadget of 2012 that mobile has got 41MP camera. It can record HD videos of 1080p. This mobile has got Symbian belle OS. The advantage of Symbian Belle OS is it has HTML5-capable web browser, a new version of Nokia Maps,  support for Microsoft Apps and Dolby headphones availability. In addition to this it has got improved multitasking facility with added 20 widgets. Nokia older releases with Symbian Belle OS is a huge flops. The older Nokia mobiles with Symbian Belle OS are Nokia 701, 700 and 603. They got frequent restart problems. Hope this mobile PureVIew is void of this problems.

Key features/specification of Nokia 808 PureView:
  • Symbian Belle OS
  • 41 MP camera with Flash
  • 16GB internal memory and 48GB expandable memory

Nokia 808 Camera Specification:
Nokia PureView comes with 41MP camera along with sensor. It has got Pro imaging technology and Carl Zeiss optics. It uses Xenon flash for photo processing and LED light for video processing. As this mobile has 41MP it may face problems like the picture take too many memory. For Example one picture may take upto 50MB memory. But it has options to reduce the megapixels.

Cost of Nokia 808 PureView in India will be Rs: 29,999 approx. This mobile is slightly bulky in nature.
Nokia 808 PureView released date in India: June 2012

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