Google Chromebook to reach India on January 2012

Google Chrome book
 which runs in Chrome OS which is suitably designed for web browsing. We use our PC most of the time for browsing internet where we can get all the stuffs. So this Google Chrome book is designed in such a way that attracts web users. This Chrome book has already released in American and European countries on June 2011. This chrome book costs $349 to $499. This Chrome books were available only in the form of Samsung and Acer.

Google Chrome Book
Google Chrome book cost in India: Rs: 20,000 to 30,000

What is special in Google Chrome Book?

1. This Chrome book runs on Google's new Chrome OS suitable for the portable device and internet connectivity.
2. It boots faster when compared to windows OS. Normally windows OS takes upto 2 minutes for booting. But Chrome OS takes only 6 seconds.
3. It supports heavy protection against virus and malware.
4. Since this Chrome book is made for internet friendly it supports Wifi and 3G
5. The basic source code is designed using Linux OS that allows only Chrome browser.
6. It does not supports applications of other OS like Mac OS, Windows exe file ect.
7. This is fully internet based and can do your works online using Google docs for writing documents.
8. The data you stored using Chrome OS is 100% safe as it is encrypted.
9. Updates were done automatically
10. The whole process in this Chrome book was based on Cloud computing.

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