Buy world's cheap Android Tablet - Aakash & Aaksah 2

Aakash Tablet:
Aaskash Tablet were launched at India on 2nd October 2011. Around 1 lac tablets were sold for students. IIT Rajastan students worked for the development of this tablet. They faced many problems on this tablet and decided to design another tablet to eradicate the problems. Soon there will be Aakash 2 launch in India.

What are the features available in Aakash Tablet?
Aakash is cheapest Android 2.2 Tablet designed for students. This tablet is manufactured and designed by Datawind. This Tablet is made by following specification. 

  • The CPU of this tablet is integrated with 366 MHz processor. 
  • There is a SD memory card slot with storage capacity 2GB - 32GB. 
  • RAM used in Aakash is 256 MB DDR2. 
  • This tablet uses 7 inch resistive touchscreen with multitouch capability. 
  • You can connect your tablet to internet using the inbuilt GPRS and Wi-Fi facility available. 
What is the cost of student Aakash Tablet and commercial Aakash Tablet?
The cost of this tablet differs for Indian students and other commercial buyers. Students get this table at very low cost. Students tablet doesn't have sim card slot whereas commercial tablet has got its sim card slot. This commercial tablet is sold with the name Ubislate 7
  • It costs only Rs: 1,700 for students
  • For commercial buyer you can get this tablet for Rs: 3,000
Disadvantages of Aakash Tablet:
Students who worked with this tablet for the past one month prescribed following complaints.
  • Tablet got heat quick like metal placed over the stove. This happens within 30 minutes while working with this tablet.
  • Since the has got only 366MHz it cannot support multitasking.
  • Unable to download or stream video files.
  • Doesn't supports many formats.
  • Doesn't have camera in it.
  • Poor battery performance.
  • Cannot install more application.
How to buy Aakash tablet online?
You can book your Aakash tablet using following official websites

Aakash 2
Aakash 2 is the upgrade version of  Aakash. Through the feedback obtained from Aakash tablet, development crew has decided to eradicate the disadvantages. This upgraded version will be available from February 2012 with following specification.

  • 800MHz processor to improve the speed for muli tasking capability.
  • Integrated front camera to have online video chat. 
  • Increased Battery performance.
  • Increased RAM to 1GHz improves tablet stability and rectify hanging problem.

Cost of Aakash 2 will be same as Aakash. Everyone can get this tablet at the cost of Rs:3000 on February 2012.

Many students were disappointed with  Aakash. Developers expect that Aakash 2 will fill their thirst for cheap tablet. Lets wait for Aakash 2.

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