iPhone 4s to step its feet in India

iPhone 4s to launch in India:
iPhone 4s attracted lots of customer around the world by its new siri technology. Some were unsatisfied by the battery performance. Largest service provider of India Airtel and Aircel decided to launch iPhone 4s on November 25. Aircel ltd has decided to start their reservation for 4s on November 18. This will be a good news to iPhone crazies.

What's  new in iphone 4s:
  • Enlarged screen
  • HSPA+ technology
  • Qualcomm baseband chip (ability to have GSM and CDMA)
  • imessage
  • IOS 5
  • icloud 5
These specification were not available in previous iphone versions. 

What will be the cost of iphone 4s in India:
Airtel Tarrif

Aircel hasn't announced their tarrif. Check back later.

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